Our proud restaurant management system product has been successfully used in individual as well as chains. Our focus being in hospitality, we have tailor-made the restaurant management system keeping in mind the specific needs of the connected customers. We understand that the focus of restaurant management system is an operating procedures, discounts, descriptions, recipes, etc. Menu, pricing, workflow are center ally controlled. And automatically distributed to the stores. All this is managed easily and comfortably in our software.

The feature included is as follows user defined menu with today’s special, menu with photos, add modifies like spicy, oily, salty, one is to two, recorder and more table items, single order to multiple kitchen, print, tip accounting, reservation system, manage stock, graphical layout of restaurant floor, graphical reports, strict management of raw material, recipe management, physical stock checking and reporting, food costing, membership transactions, happy hour pricing, know guest’s favorite and so much more.

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