What is the technology stack of 'News in Short' mobile app?

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What is the technology stack of 'News in Short' mobile app?

Peeling the Layers of News in Short's Tech Stack

You know, pulling apart the technology stack of the 'News in Short' app makes me feel a bit like Baxter, my energetic Golden Retriever, who discovers a new ball in the backyard. Except, in my case, instead of a ball, it's the sleek, streamlined technology that powers one of my favorite bite-sized news services.

What's that you say? What's a technology stack? Well, it's the combination of software tools and programming languages that function together to create a web application. Each layer of technology—frontend, backend, middleware, databases—has a role to play in ensuring seamless operation. And just like Ziggy, my considerate Tabby Cat, finding the perfect sun spot, finding the right combination of technologies takes careful planning and timing.

Framing the Frontend: Angular Magic in Action

News in Short employs Angular JS for its robust frontend. For the uninitiated, Angular is a platform used for building web applications. It's the frame upon which the tapestry of user interaction is woven (a tapestry even luxurious enough for Ziggy's discerning tastes).

In the playful air of curiosity, just as Baxter sometimes approaches the pool, not sure of whether to jump in, some of you might question why Angular? The perk is its capability to develop efficient and reliable single page applications. It brings agility and speed to the front that ensures the news briefs are rendered quickly, giving us instant access to the happenings of the world. Because really, who even has the time to reload a page?

Java in the Backend: Unseen, but Never Unimportant

Java serves as the stout backbone for 'News in Short’, much like how my back serves as a launching point when Baxter decides my laptop is cramping his cuddle style. I do grumble, but secretly, I don't mind the interruption.

Java's return-on-investment is scalability, paralleling Baxter’s interesting talent of expanding his size to fit any lap. With Java, as user demand scales up, so too can the app handle it, without stuttering or stalling. Moreover, Java's mature libraries and APIs prove to be indispensable when handling complex tasks or logic on the server-side. An interesting fact? Java was originally created for interactive television, but it was too ahead of its time for the digital cable television industry during the 90s.

MariaDB: A Database that Packs a Punch

‘News in Short’ employs MariaDB as its database management system, and it carries a lot of weight just as Ziggy, my Tabby Cat does...note here, he is perfectly healthy, just sturdy.

Why MariaDB? It is remarkably reliable and offers top performance, excellent security, and straightforward replication. Moreover, it is entirely open-source, which means it is continually improved by a global community of developers. It’s a go-to choice for those requiring a database that is future-focused, user-centric, and robust enough to handle the vast amount of data 'News in Short' processes daily.

The Microservice Solution: Docker and Kubernetes to the Rescue

I always found it fascinating how Baxter could balance a treat on his nose and only eat it on command. It's an exercise in patience and precision, akin to the deployment of microservices - individual services independently deployed and running, cooperating to make an entire application work.

And just as it's important for Baxter to keep that treat balanced, it's equally crucial to manage these microservices well. Docker and Kubernetes are to microservices what a gentle command is to Baxter- keeping things orderly. Docker containerizes each service while Kubernetes manages and orchestrates these containers. This dynamic duo ensures that 'News in Short' runs smoothly and acts fast - a necessity in today’s need-for-speed culture.

Middleman Querying: Meet Elasticsearch

Now, if you've ever seen Ziggy hunt for a random speck of dust as if it's the most intriguing thing in existence, you've seen a physical manifestation of Elasticsearch at work. This distributed, open-source search and analytics engine works in real time. It's the middleman in the 'News in Short' tech stack, processing queries and delivering them to the appropriate system. And just like Ziggy’s pursuit of that ‘thing’, Elasticsearch is laser-focused and highly efficient.

The Final Layer: AWS Hosting

If my home is the kingdom where Baxter and Ziggy rule supreme, then the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment is where News in Short reigns. As a secure cloud services platform, AWS provides the app with a reliable and scalable hosting solution. Beyond hosting, it provides the necessary APIs, databases, and other myriad services that allow 'News in Short' to run smoothly.

It’s the perfect place for the app to serve its users—the cozy home environment where we, content-readers, can curl up with our smartphones and our pets to devour the latest news.

And there, my friends, we have it: the multi-faceted technology stack of the 'News in Short' mobile app—angular frontend, muscular Java backend, solid MariaDB database, microservice management via Docker and Kubernetes, efficient Elasticsearch, and the ever-reliable AWS hosting. It's quite the treat for all us tech enthusiasts—just as bountiful as the joyous moment when Baxter finally flips the treat from his nose to his mouth and devours it with gusto. Stay curious and keep exploring!

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